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picoFrog Morse code practice oscillator
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picoFrog Morse code practice oscillator shipps free to United States
via Serbia Post registrated Airmail.

Shipping time (our Post Office estimate):

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Sine wave Morse code
practice oscillator

Sine wave Morse code
practice oscillator

Learn to send Morse code
like a pro.

Choose picoFrog code practice oscillator.

Audio output generates sine wave tone.
Tone frequency can be easily changed.
Works on two 1.5V AAA batteries.
Low power consumption.
Automatic turn OFF.

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Product details:

picoFrog Morse code practice oscillator, by the means of digital signal synthesis, produces shaped sine wave tone.
As a result, you will hear soft and enjoyable beeps that are far better than those generated by other Morse code practice oscillators.

Figure 1: Dit/Dash sine wave signal shape.

Figure 1 shows three signal components of the sine wave tone that picoFrog code practice oscillator generates.

1. When you press the key, the sine wave tone gradually fades in.
2. Then, the signal continues as a standard sine wave as long as your key is pressed.
3. And finally, when you release the telegraph key, the signal fades out.

Don't miss this feature!

Morse code practice oscillators usually don't have an ability to change the tone frequency.

Yup, they have one - fixed frequency tone.

Since we all have different preferences and tastes, such important feature shouldn't be left out.

picoFrog CPO will cover you here!
Sound level and tone pitch can be changed by two separate potentiometers. They have little white shafts attached to them, so you can find your favorite settings easily.

With the left potentiometer you can change the tone frequency and find the perfect one for you. The right potentiometer controls the tone loudness.

Earbuds or PC speakers

Choose your favorite earbuds, let’s say from your smartphone, and if they have a standard 3.5mm jack, be sure that they will work great with picoForg code practice oscillator.

Your keying device can be a straight telegraph key or an electronic keyer. Second 3.5mm socket will accept either of them, whether they are polarized switches or not.

picoFrog CPO can be directly attached to your PC speakers too. They have built-in pre-amplifier in front of main power audio amplifier, so the sound reproduction will be quite good, and loud. ☺

After 120 seconds something interesting happens

If you forget to turn OFF the device, it can work for hours wasting battery power for nothing.

Because of this, we added a special feature – NO manual turn OFF.
After two minutes of telegraph key inactivity, picoFrog CPO will automatically shut itself OFF.

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